Rewards and Recognition

Teamwork: CALAX Right-of-Way Projects

Nominated by Rebecca Olivia S. Dimasacat, Right-of-Way Manager

Awardee: Rhomel E. Olesco and Arra Mae L. Bautista, Negotiation and Documentation; Reian T. Pastrana, Technical Associate; Carla Marie A. Dandan, Expropriation Support

The Obligation Team is in charge of processing ROW claims for payments in implementing the project and administering the fund allotted for payment for the claimants affected by the Right of Way Acquisition for CAVITE-LAGUNA Expressway Project. In preparation for the check payments, the team has to process folders for ORS, CAF and DV. They also comply with the return slips from DPWH Central Office. The team has been in close coordination with the DPWH- PPPS Accounting and Finance Division. The team has been consistent in monitoring the check processing of payments from Negotiated Sale and Expropriation cases. The recent 100% acquisition of Sub-section 5 of CALAX shows the great team effort performed by the Obligation Team in ensuring that the checks will be fast tracked and monitored up to the final deposit of checks to court in Expropriation cases.

The team currently used the rotation of each member in different DPWH team for lots, structure, trees and Central office to ensure mobility and fast tracked of workload to make sure that each DPWH Calax offices in Governor’s Drive and Pascam even to the DPWH Central office will be able to receive the much needed support in the project. Despite of the pandemic, the team was able to perform the rotation of team members to each DPWH site office for the smooth and efficient transaction and check processing.

Teamwork among members is present in this team as it motivates each member to shine and perform in an exceptional way. The team continues to show and improve strategy to ensure the fast track of check processing. As the team continues to shine, there’s a great possibility that the CALAX upcoming acquisitions will be in accordance with the timeline and the deadline as the team promise to perform more than 100% to support the CALAX Obligation deadlines.

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