Rewards and Recognition

Customer Focus: Arnold A. Babista

Nominated by Ella A. Francisco, Operations Management Division Head

Awardee: Arnold A. Babista, Toll Operations Senior Manager

Babs led the Toll Operations team in the implementation of 100% RFID starting Dec. 1, 2020 up to Feb. 28, 2021. Only CAVITEX, CALAX, and C5 are the toll roads which complied fully to the DOTR D.O. 2020-012 instructing to set all exit lanes at toll roads to be exclusive for RFID passages. A feat which were not complied by the rest of the toll roads (even San Miguel Corp. group nor MCX-Ayala).

His leadership demonstrated Customer Focus in the following aspects :

  • Instructions for toll exit lane processes for assisting the new RFID subscribers who were adjusting to the change and use of technology (unreadable RFID, delayed load crediting, delayed account updating).
    And to cash paying motorists mistakenly or purposely entering and blocking the RFID lanes.
    The assigned toll personnel at RFID lanes were guided by the processes to satisfactorily resolve the motorist problem at the lane.
  • His persistent coordination with Easytrip in resolving RFID account related filed complaints (individual and corporate accounts). There was no TRB audit finding in complaint resolution.
  • Babs closely coordinated with technical teams to ensure satisfactory performance of the RFID lanes. He immediately reports observed lane problems to prevent its aggravation. For CAVITEX, he coordinated with PEATC FOE or FOS, while in C5/CALAX he coordinated with TMD.

Babs’ leadership in Toll Operations helped the company achieved its goal of 100% ETC (Lead 1.4 of WIG 1 – Grow Revenue).
The 100% RFID maximized the throughput of all the exit lanes and for the motorists the cashless transactions aided in the prevention of the COVID transmission protecting the toll tellers and other people.

Implementing the 100% RFID entailed Babs to communicate to his team the change in the service delivery requirements that with the new set up, the toll tellers will be assisting the motorists outside the toll booth, very different from the former comfort zone of being inside the toll booth.

Babs’ leadership in toll operations kept the personnel resilient in attending to RFID related problems at the lane even if these were caused by errors of Easytrip in account management or caused by malfunctioning RFID lane system.

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