2021 Third Quarter with MPTC Chief Digital and Information Officer Carlo L. Cagalingan

by Rachelle Anne U. Lee, SEPTEMBER 2021

MPTC Chief Digital and Information Officer Carlo L. Cagalingan (CLC) joined the group last November 9, 2020 amidst the pandemic. CLC proved to be inspiring and was able to connect with the participants despite being in a virtual platform like Zoom. Even in the absence of a face-to-face interaction, his leadership stories opened the minds of the listeners and quiet engaged them as reflected in their different emoji reactions. In addition, he shared the real essence of digitation in the organization.

With majority of the participants attending for the first time, they stayed focused with the learnings culled from CLC’s impressive background having worked with many big companies locally and overseas. CLC may come across as a tough, but he managed to share most of his leadership advices and style.

Becoming a Leader

Making Mistakes as a Leader

Motivating Your Subordinates

These are just snippets of what CLC shared during the learning question and answer portion. There were a lot of inspiring and uplifting words of wisdom shared. The LEAD Talks ended with a learning activity to assess the insights gathered from the event. Aside from the learnings, each participant receives a Thank You card and token of appreciation.




About the writer:

Rachelle Anne U. Lee. One of the HR Specialist from Human Resource and Admin Division. Although writing is not her forte, she enjoys sharing and creating stories through video vlogs. She has her own YouTube channel which showcases her talent in video editing and camera works. Southlink opened a great opportunity for her by capturing stories of people from MPTSouth through the camera lens and sharing her interest in multimedia arts.

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